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DA Fee Calculator

Council's DA Fee Calculator is updated each year to reflect changes in the fees and charges.

How to use the DA Fee Calculator:

  1. Decide if your development fits Complying Development criteria. If it doesn’t or if in doubt select one of the applicable Development Application options:
    • Dwelling <$100,000
    • Dwelling or other development $100,000 or more
    • Change of use
    • Subdivision (requires additional answer regarding number of lots created)
  2. Construction Certificate – answer yes if your development involves construction and is not complying development and not a subdivision.
  3. Occupation/Final Certificate – answer yes for all types of development.
  4. Sewer or Septic? If you are making a new connection or altering an existing connection to sewer then answer yes. If you are in a rural area and an on-site sewerage management system (e.g. septic tank) is involved in the development say yes to the septic tank question.
  5. Advertising and notification? This depends on the nature of the development. Enquire with Council regarding your development or as a default say yes to neighbour notification and in cases where the development is other than a residential development say yes also to advertising.

The DA Fee Calculator is to be used as a guide only.  Some development types (e.g. Advertised Development, Integrated and Designated Development) require additional fees.

If you're still unsure how to use the calculator, our staff will be only too happy to help.

DA Fee Calculator 2016-2017
Development Application Fee Calculator      
Type the value of your development application here and press TAB    
Local Government fees
Complying Development [Enter YES or NO]
Development Application (Dwelling $100,000 or less) [Enter YES or NO]
Development Application (not for subdivision) [Enter YES or NO]
Not for new dwelling $100,000 or less
Development Application (Change of Use only) [Enter YES or NO]
Land Subdivision (without new road) [Enter YES or NO]
(includes Subdivision Certificate Fee for release of plans)
  This calculator is not for use with subdivisions
that include new roads.
Plus for each additional lot created [Enter Number of Lots]
Construction Certificate [Enter YES or NO]
Occupation Certificate [Enter YES or NO]   Multiple Occupation Certificates may apply for
some Development.
New Sewerage Work or Alt. to Sewerage Work [Enter YES or NO]
Advertising Fee (DA only) [Enter YES or NO]
An additional fee applies if more than one
Written notification to adjoining or adjacent neighbours (DA) [Enter YES or NO]    
Septic Tank [Enter YES or NO] see Note   Separate application and approval is required for Septic Tanks
State Government fees     Other fees and charges may apply.
Council will notify you if this is the case.
Long Service Leave Levy
Planning Levy
S.94A Contribution Levy
Grand Total

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