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Junee Shire-What will the 2016/17 year bring?

1 Aug 2016 3:13 PM -

The Council has adopted its latest Delivery Program and Operational Plan which commenced on the 1 July 2016.  There are a number of changes to business operations and community services planned for the 2016/17 year:

  • Land rates will increase by 9% this financial year. This is the last year of the special rate variation and any rate adjustment in future years will return to rate pegging levels which are consistent with  CPI  adjustments.
  • The additional revenue from the special rate variation is redirected to road maintenance and renewals for a 10 year period. We have seen significant improvement to the road network over the last three years and will continue to report to the community where that expenditure is occurring.
  • The commitment to freeze the connected sewer charge remains in place for 2016/17. This is the third year of that freeze which  was put in place to offset increases to the land rate resulting from the special rate variation.
  • Rural Waste Transfer Station charge has risen by 2.6% in 2016/17.The revenue from this charge covers 50% of its operational costs. Rural community’s service level expectations for rural transfer stations is rising, this together with isolated illegal dumping of waste materials exacerbates the cost to delivering this service.
  • Waste charges at the Junee Landfill and Transfer Station will better reflect the real cost of disposal. The change will assist with the long term sustainability of this facility. In the not too distant future, the Landfill will require closure and rehabilitation – an exercise estimated to cost about $700,000 in today’s dollars. In the business-as-usual case, the waste fund continues to decline and is unsustainable. With the review of tip fees and other fees and charges, this trend is reversed and a target of $500,000 in reserves by the year 2026 is achieved.  A 6X4 small box trailer will now incur a fee of $25, while disposal of demolition waste increases to $83/m3.  Additional charges apply for unsorted materials. 
  • Offsetting the increases to tipping fees at the Junee Landfill is the ability to dispose of some of the more nasty waste stream material at the new Community Recyling Centre (CRC) shed. Items such as paint, fluoro tubes, lead acid batteries, portable gas cylinders and fire extinguishers can be disposed of without impact to the environment and at no cost to the public. 
  • The introduction of an organics kerbside collection for the township of Junee early in 2017, will see Junee residents receive a new bin to dispose of all organic material such as food scraps and green waste. For some residents this will mean no more trips to the tip to dispose of green waste.  This waste stream will be composted and reused at appropriate locations around the LGA. 
  • Council has kept fees static at Junee Junction Recreation and Aquatic Centre for the past two years in an effort to attract more customers to the Centre. This has certainly paid off with increased usage resulting in additional revenue year on year. The Council is again keeping the majority of casual and membership fees the same for 2016/17. Access to all-areas membership at the Facility remains available for $12/week for adults or $10/week for concessions and children. 
Once again all seven benchmarks outlined in the Fit for the Future methodology by the Office of Local Government are met in the Council’s four year estimates. These benchmarks are also met across the entire 10 year period of the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

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