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Public Information - Athenium Access Ramp

4 Aug 2016 8:42 AM -

Junee Shire Council met on 16 August 2016 to discuss the original approved and redesigned disabled ramp options for the front of the Athenium.

In reaching its decision, the Council has taken into consideration the recommendations and advice from the Athenium Working Party as well as the wider concerns raised by non-executive members of the Friends of the Athenium and other community representatives.

The Council's decision is to construct the ramp in accordance with the 2008 Heritage Office approval.  Athenium Refurbishment Plans.

The following information is provided to help inform the community on the background to this decision. Construction will commence as soon as practical..

Approval Process – Athenium Refurbishment Project

The approval for an Integrated Development Application for the Refurbishment of the Athenium occurred on 20th February 2008. This approval included the provision of a mobility access ramp to front the Athenium.

The proposal was categorised as Integrated Development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The proposal was publicly advertised from 13th December 2007 to 8th January 2008 in the local newspaper with adjoining land-owners notified in writing. The application and plans were displayed at the Junee Library, Council Chambers and in the shopfront window at the Athenium.

The NSW Heritage Office was notified on 5th December 2007 of the development application. Because the development is Integrated Development, the NSW Heritage Office was provided with any submissions received during the public exhibition period and given an additional 21 days to comment.

The NSW Heritage Office notified the Council on 18th February 2008 of its terms of Approval. The Council is required under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to include any conditions of consent from the approval body, being the NSW Heritage Office, into its own conditions of consent.

Athenium Refurbishment Plans approved by the NSW Heritage Office were inclusive of the mobility access ramp.

The NSW Heritage Office also required that a subsequent application be made for the Athenium Refurbishment Project prior to any work commencing. That application was made and approved by the NSW Heritage Office on 19th December 2008. This provided the green light for work to commence.

Athenium Working Party

The Athenium Working Party was created to oversee the Athenium Refurbishment Project, to ensure the project was carried out in accordance with the NSW Heritage Office approval and that the community’s aspiration for the public building be met.

The Working Party includes three representatives each from the Friends of Athenium Inc. and the Council. 

The Working Party continues to meet quarterly to ensure the issues regarding the use and future work on the Athenium remain true to the original approval in 2008.

Athenium Refurbishment Project

The scope of works to complete the entire Project was in excess of available fund. Therefore only the important work to ensure that the building could be open for use was undertaken.

Stage 1 included significant work to the interior of the building and less significant exterior work included reroofing and painting.

Project Cost                                                             $920,997


Council                                                                                     $539,337

Grant funding                                                         $378,540

Friends of the Athenium            $3,120

Since the completion of stage 1, the Athenium Working Party has supported additional major works that have been completed in accordance with the NSW Heritage Office approval. This work includes the reinstatement of the proscenium arch over the stage, the installation of curtains to the stage and in recent weeks the inclusion of a new projector screen. These items are valued in excess of $60,000 and have been either donated to the Athenium or supported through fund raising events held by the Friends of the Athenium Inc.

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