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Statement re CBD Waste Collection Services

12 Jul 2018 2:17 PM -

The Junee Shire Council waste collection levy for all business and residential ratepayers in Junee Shire has increased by 5% in line with Council’s adopted Long Term Financial Plan. This has taken the annual fee from $291 to $305.60 covering a single weekly 120 litre garbage service and a fortnightly 240 litre recycling service for all business and residential ratepayers in the Junee Shire.

As part of the rating levy all ratepayers (business and residential) will be provided a weekly waste collection and a fortnightly recycling collection service.

Many of the businesses in the CBD have taken the opportunity to clarify or adjust their service requirements with Council and will be billed according to their required service collection. The fee for an additional 120 litre garbage bin is $178.50 per annum, which equates to $3.43 per week; and the fee for an additional 240 litre bin is $207.90 per annum which equates to $4.00 per week.

Within the CBD, businesses have always had access to a single weekly garbage collection service and a fortnightly recycling service.

From a service delivery point of view nothing has changed, other than that the garbage collection for the CBD will be completed on one day, rather than across two days. The new collection system improves the efficiency and fairness of the service for all ratepayers.

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