Board Vacancy Notice

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Application for Appointment of Board Members

Junee Reefs Public Hall Land Manager

The Minister for Lands and Property is seeking nominations for board appointments to the Junee Reefs Public Hall Land Manager. Appointments are for up to 5 years and are voluntary. It is expected that members of the board live within or close to the reserve.

Don’t let this opportunity to do something for yourself and your community pass you by – contact today.

The Junee Reefs Public Hall Land Manager manages the Reserve No. 58579 at Junee Reefs notified on 12-Feb-1926 for Public Hall, Reserve No. 83163 at Junee Reefs notified 5-May-1961 at Junee Reefs for Public Recreation.

Application for membership can be made via

All applications are required to be lodged by 18 July 2024.