Mobile Scooter Etiquette

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Mobility scooters are used by less mobile people to assist them to get to everyday places, like the local shops, clubs, hotels and other facilities. They are classed as “a pedestrian” and are required to adhere to the road rules that apply to all pedestrians. 

Even though mobility scooter users are classed as “a pedestrian” they can cause serious injury to other pedestrians if not operated correctly and courteously.

Let’s discuss the NSW ROAD RULES that apply to mobility scooter riding:

  • When using your mobility scooter always follow the same road rules that apply to pedestrians. This means riding on the footpath, preferably at walking speed, which is 2–3 kilometres per hour.
  • You should also cross the road at safe places, such as pedestrian crossings.
  • Mobility scooters must not travel at more than 10 kilometres per hour.
  • You do not require a NSW drivers’ licence to operate a mobility scooter.

Now let’s discuss YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES for using your mobility scooter safely around others:

  • Travel at walking pace when around other pedestrians and slow down to match their speed.
  • Be particularly careful in high volume pedestrian areas.
  • In shopping areas, keep closer to the kerb and away from shop doorways to avoid running into people coming out of shops and causing an accident or unnecessary injury.
  • Be mindful of other footpath users when parking your mobility scooter and DO NOT park your mobility scooter near doorways and entries to shops, clubs and other facilities as it will inhibit the movement and accessibility for other footpath users.
  • Consider others when parking to make sure your device is not obstructing doorways, thoroughfares such as footpaths, driveways or signage.
  • When parking on the
    footpath, make sure that there is room for others including people with prams and other devices to use the footpath, ensuring you look around before any reversing movement to ensure its safe to do so.
  • Watch out for young children, they can be unpredictable.
  • Look out for those footpath users pushing prams, giving them some extra space.
  • Be courteous.
  • Observe around you for other mobility impaired pedestrians eg. someone using a walking stick, frame or visually impaired.

You cannot use vehicle car parks to park your motorised mobility device, even if the parking spaces are designated for people with disabilities.

Although your motorised mobility device does not need to be registered and a drivers licence is not required, users must still have the capacity to take responsibility for using them safely, courteously and take into consideration other road users. 

If you require further information or wish to discuss this article please do not hesitate to contact Council’s Road Safety Officer:
Mob: 0437 645 183