Junee Local Employment Program

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One of the Community’s most desirable outcomes is to retain young people in town. Time and time again when community forums are held the issue of retaining young people in Junee through local employment keeps coming up. This may be driven by families wanting to be closer to one another or perhaps it is about job creation and supporting the local economy.

As a civic leader and leading community advocate we have asked ourselves: what is it we can do to make a collective contribution for Junee towards this cause? Here is our response!

To lead the way, Junee Shire Council will be providing two student placements this year.

  1. There are a significant number of young Junee people attending Universities across Australia. They are usually in desperate need of work during their semester break to support their education and living costs.
  2. Ideally this cohort of individuals would benefit from work placement in their chosen future industry. They are acquiring skilled theory while at university and would benefit from practical experience in their chosen field while on semester breaks.
  3. We are currently developing a Junee tertiary student register. On one side of the register there will be Junee’s University Cohort, on the other Junee’s most progressive employers; making a collective improvement in our community.
  4. University Students should have, as a minimum, completed their first year prior to participating in this program.
  5. The natural benefits flowing to employers include:
    – Students can bring new perspective and fresh ideas to the business
    – The ready adoption and innovative use of technology by young people can broaden the business operations.
    – The prestige reserved for businesses that invest in and support growing local talent.

  6. The Council acknowledges there may be some concern with privacy issues in developing a register of this kind so individual’s details will not be publicly available. Requests for work placement by employers will be provided to students who will be encouraged to contact that employer.

To help build the register and in an interesting reversal of roles we encourage you to seek permission from your son or daughter to nominate them for inclusion in this program.

Potential students and employers interested in being part of this project can register their interest using the form below. 

Local Employment Program