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22 Nov 2016 12:16 PM - Lupin anthracnose in NSW
In October 2016 lupin anthracnose was detected for the first time in commercial crops in south eastern NSW. Natural hosts of lupin anthracnose are not established in NSW and as the known infected crops are relatively isolated, successful  eradication of the disease may be possible.
NSW DPI currently maintains strict quarantine measures across the state to minimise the risk of spread of the disease in NSW.

The Lupin Anthracnose  Biosecurity Zone (LABZ)
LABZ was created under the Plant Diseases Act 1924 in November 2016 and consists of the three Local Government Areas of Cootamundra/Gundagai, Junee and Coolamon.
Within the LABZ the following conditions apply:
  1. Ornamental lupins must not be grown across the zone for two years;
  2. Weed (volunteer) lupins must be controlled (destroyed) across the zone for two years;
  3. Lupin crops cannot be grown on a property with a boundary within 1 km of a known  infected property for two years (all properties affected by this rule have been notified by NSW DPI);
  4. Lupin seed present on a property with a boundary within 1 km of the boundary an infected property must not be planted or kept for planting (all properties affected by this rule have been notified by NSW DPI).
The aim of these conditions is to ensure all existing lupins within the LABZ, including crops,
ornamental lupins and volunteer weeds, are to be removed and destroyed within reasonable time to effect eradication of the disease.

Responsibilities of growers within 1 km of an infected property
Growers with a property boundary within 1 km of a known infected property have been contacted by the NSW DPI and are prohibited from cropping lupins during the two year exclusion period. The following requirements apply to properties with lupin crops and seed in the 1 km risk area:
  • All lupin crops and seed are to be removed by 18 April 2017
  • Lupin seed harvested or stored on the property must not be planted or sold for planting
  • Lupin seed can be sold for human consumption and processing
  • Lupin seed and stubble can be used to feed  stock on the source property provided that stock fed on lupin seed or stubble are held in an area of the farm where there are no lupins for a period of 36 hours before being moved off the property
  • Lupin seed must not be moved off the  source property for stock feed unless processed to prevent germination

If you suspect lupin anthracnose is present on a previously unidentified property:

Call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on  1800 084 881

Email clear photos with a brief explanation  and contact details to  biosecurity@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Click Here to download  a copy of the full fact sheet.

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