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Pesticide Application Notification

28 Oct 2014 2:01 AM -

Pesticide application will be carried out in the Junee Shire area from 26 September to 31 December.

Application Sites

Application may take place on:

  • Any or all Council managed playing fields and parks
  • Council managed urban public spaces
  • Council managed utility spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Urban streets, laneways and drains
  • Main road verges and corridors
  • Rural road verges and corridors.

Target Species

Possible control targets:

  • Clovers, broadleaf weeds in turf
  • General winter/spring nuisance vegetation growth that creates maintenance, vision and/or fire risk issues
  • Declared noxious plants
  • Woody weeds, sucker regrowth
  • Specific weeds affecting public amenity such as Khaki Weed and Cathead

Pesticide Product List

May include:

Glyphosate, Mesulphuron methyl, MCPA, Amine 625, Brush off, Access, Grazon Extra, Hammer, Simmagranz, Oust, Gramoxone, Conqueror, Clomac, Vigilant, Trimac, Arsenal Xpress, Striker, MCPA Ci-Clo Turf, Dicamba, Kamba M.

Plus generic wetters, spray oils and specialist penetrants as required.

All pesticides will be applied strictly according to label recommendations.

Every effort will be made to minimise disruption to public access spaces.

Look for signage and follow re-entry instructions posted.

For further information contact Robert Ferguson on 0427 487 139 at Riverina Eastern Noxious Weeds Authority.

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