Before The Bushfire Season – Prevent/Prepare

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  • Remove rubbish, leaf litter and native shrubs close to buildings.
  • Form a wide firebreak around your home, eg short, green grass (use mower, spade, rake), trim branches well clear of the house. Clear roof and gutters of leaves, twigs etc..
  • Fit wire screens to doors, windows and vents, and enclose all gaps, roof eaves and the area under your house.
  • Store wood, gas, petrol, paint etc well clear of the house.
  • Keep ladders handy for roof access (inside and out). Fit hoses to reach all parts of the house and garden. If mains pressure water is not connected, obtain a high pressure pump.
  • Check you have adequate insurance cover for bushfire.
  • Agree on a household plan to leave early or stay to protect your home during a bushfire. If leaving, plan when, where, how you will go and what to take.