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Get Ready for Summer

Aussie summers are iconic. They can also be tragic. Each year, communities across NSW experience bush fires, home fires, floods, storms, heatwaves, power outages and other…

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Become a Volunteer

Riverina Community College (RCC) has been a part of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) for more than 20 years. RCC is looking for Community visitors who can…

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NSW DroughtHub

The NSW Government has established a central location for all information, grants, subsidies and assistance for primary producers,…

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Grant Opportunities

In 2016, the NSW Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program was launched to address the unacceptable fatalities and serious injuries caused by the on-farm use of quad bikes.

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Covid-19 Information

Take steps to stay healthy and safe, while helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Restrictions are easing across NSW from Friday, 18 February and mask requirements changing from Friday, 25 February.

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Reminder for Heavy Vehicles

This harvest period, no loaded heavy vehicles have permission to travel over Kemp Street bridge. Police and regulators will be issuing fines if drivers are caught travelling over

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