Residential Conversion

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Brian Higginson believes Junee is a great place to live, and if you do a job it’s worth doing right.

Brian is no stranger to old buildings. So when he decided to convert the old CBA building into a residence, he knew what he was getting himself into.

It’s important to recognise the contribution private individuals make towards improving Junee’s heritage, and this is a fine example. The conversion process required major alterations to the building to make a comfortable home. Brian knew what he wanted to do and sought the advice of the Junee Heritage Adviser to help get there.

Sympathetic additions to create a private courtyard and balcony are the obvious inclusions – but there was so much more than that. Reinstatement of the glazed arched windows to the façade of the building, external painting and some of the finest wall rendering you are likely to see today. These alterations have returned the ordinary, white, two-storey building into a prominent corner in the Junee landscape.