Zone E4 General Industrial

1. Objectives of zone
  • To provide a range of industrial, warehouse, logistics and related land uses.
  • To ensure the efficient and viable use of land for industrial uses.
  • To minimise any adverse effect of industry on other land uses.
  • To encourage employment opportunities.
  • To enable limited non-industrial land uses that provide facilities and services to meet the
    needs of businesses and workers.
  • To facilitate industry development that supports regional economic influencnce.
  • To foster emerging industries that broaden the economic and employment base of Junee.
2. Permitted without consent

Environmental protection works; Water reticulation systems.

3. Permitted with consent

Building identification signs; Business identification signs; Depots; Freight transport facilities; 
Funeral homes; Garden centres; General industries; Goods repair and reuse premises; Hardware
and building supplies; Industrial retail outlets; Industrial training facilities; Kiosks; Landscaping
material supplies; Light industries; Local distribution premises; Neighbourhood shops; Oyster
aquaculture; Plant nurseries; Roads; Take away food and drink premises; Tank-based
aquaculture;  Warehouse or distribution centres; Any other development not specified in item 2 or 4.

4. Prohibited

Agriculture; Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Amusement centres; Camping grounds, Caravan parks; Cemeteries; Centre-based child care facilities; Commercial premises; Eco-tourist facilities; 
Educational establishments; Entertainment facilities; Exhibition homes; Exhibition villages; Farm
buildings; Forestry; Function centres; Health services facilities; Heavy industrial storage establishments; Heavy industries; Home businesses; Home occupations; Home occupations (sex services); Home-based child care; Information and education facilities; Marinas; Mooring pens;  Moorings; Open cut mining; Registered clubs; Residential accommodation; Respite day care centres; Tourist and visitor accommodation; Wharf or boating facilities