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Well built and well-connected

If you have a vision for the future and the skills to achieve it, Junee has the opportunities.

Junee presents a superb business location for light industry, home business, consultancies and new local services.

Junee is the ideal central interconnect for businesses reliant on transport infrastructure into major centres. Technology and nearby transport services enable business people to remain in constant contact with city partners and clients. At a local level, unprecedented town growth is presenting new opportunities for local service and retail businesses.

For information and help with establishing or expanding a business in Junee contact the Planning Department at Junee Shire Council.

For further details on business and work in Junee Shire visit the official website for Junee Business & Trades Inc.

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Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging event. Turning a great idea into reality is a lot of work; finding the finance, the right premises, sourcing equipment, stock and

Through registering your business your Information provided is kept confidential and will not be provided to any other person or organisation without your express