Retaining Walls

Why should I engage an engineer?

A structural engineer can identify the loads subjected to retaining walls and determine their adequacy.

Should you be constructing a new, or repairing an existing retaining wall, a structural engineer should be engaged to check its structural adequacy.

Many existing retaining walls do not comply with current regulations and do not meet long term serviceability requirements. A noncompliant retaining wall may collapse, particularly after heavy rain, or after undermining the base of the wall, or by increased loads behind the wall. 

Constructing A Retaining Wall With Engineering Input

All new retaining walls more than one meter high must be designed and constructed in accordance with Australian Standards. You should check with your local council.

A structural engineer can design the wall, advise on the selection of materials and provide drawings and specifications for its construction. 

How Do I Go About Engaging A Structural Engineer?

Chartered (CPEng) Members of Engineers Australia and registrants on the National Professional Engineers Register (NPER) are appropriately qualified engineers. Verification that the person you are engaging is a current member of Engineers Australia and/or is currently registered on the NPER can be checked by either viewing their current membership card or provider certificates.

CPEng or NPER registered engineers can be found

  • By referral, or
  • By contacting the nearest office of Engineers Australia; or
  • By searching on the registration database RPSearch at