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Environment Matters

We care about where we live.

…look at a map and you won’t find a river at Junee, but we do have a wetland and a town-based Landcare group that cares for it.

…a computer system monitors the soil on our sporting fields, they’re watered when they need it, not because it’s Thursday and Thursday is watering day! 

Firewood Collection and Protection of Roadside Vegetation & Habitat

Junee Shire Council has put in place stricter controls regarding the collection of wood from roadside areas…

Bushfire Action Guide

In bushfires, radiant heat, dehydration and asphyxiation are the main killers. Well-prepared houses resist brief exposure to fire, protecting occupants who can then save their homes.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Reports in accordance with the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act)

2020-11 Pollution Incident Response Management 

In Your Environment

Bees become very active in Spring and generally swarm between September and December. This is a natural behaviour and is part of the…

Junee Area Landcare Network

The Junee Area Landcare Network (JALN) is an incorporated network of Landcare Groups in the Junee region. The network area covers the Junee Shire and a small part of the…


Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and restoring our environment, and improving the sustainability of our agricultural activities.

Off-Leash Areas

Need somewhere for you dog to run?

The grass area just before the Caravan Park in Park Lane and the grass area along…

Roadside Grazing

With the advent of the drought it became apparent that there is not a lot of knowledge out there within councils – and even to some degree within the Local Land…

Salinity in Junee Shire

by Col Macaulay
Director Engineering Services

Junee – Location and Description
Junee is a town with a population of 4,000 

Tree Planting Project to Fight Urban Salinity

Junee Shire Council, in conjunction with the Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority, has embarked on an exciting new project 

Urban Salinity

Salinity in urban areas is increasingly recognised as an issue that can potentially cause significant economic, environmental and social costs in many areas of NSW…

Salinity in Junee Shire

Council has prepared a fact sheet to provide a brief outline of Council’s road closing procedures and to assist applicants proposing to close and purchase all or part of a Council Road under the provisions of the…