Genealogy (Family History)

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Cemetery records for burials within the Junee Shire are available to search via Council’s online mapping system (IntraMaps).

Cemetery Records Search

For enquiries regarding genealogy or family history, please contact Council’s offices on (02) 6924 8100 or email Please note that information provided is subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

The Wagga Wagga and District Family History Society Inc have done an enormous amount of work in recording all existing headstones within our Shire and may also be able to assist with your enquiry at

The NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages holds over 17 million records of events registered in New South Wales. These records include:

  • Early Church Records (baptismal, marriages and burials) from 1788 to 1855.
  • Birth, death and marriage registrations from 1856 to the present day.

Further information may be obtained from their website.