Zone RU5 Village

1. Objectives of zone
  • To provide for a range of land uses, services and facilities that are associated with a rural village.
  • To promote and encourage development that will strengthen the economies of Junee and the villages of Wantabadgery, Illabo, Bethungra and Old Junee in a manner that is compatible with their urban function.
  • To enable a range of housing forms and complementary business uses taking into account the distinct character of each urban area. 
2. Permitted without consent

Environmental protection works; Home-based child care; Home occupations. 

3. Permitted with consent

Child care centres; Community facilities; Dwelling houses; Neighbourhood shops; Places of public worship; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (indoor); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Respite day care centres; Roads; Schools; Any other development not specified in item 2 or 4. 

4. Prohibited

Agriculture; Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Animal boarding or training establishments; Cellar door premises; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Crematoria; Electricity generating works; Extractive industries; Farm buildings; Farm stay accommodation; Forestry; Hazardous storage establishments; Heavy industries; Marinas; Mooring pens; Moorings; Mortuaries; Offensive storage establishments; Open cut mining; Rural workers’ dwellings; Waste disposal facilities.