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Closing of Council Public Roads

Council has prepared a fact sheet to provide a brief outline of Council’s road closing procedures and to assist applicants proposing to close and purchase all or part of a Council Road under the provisions of the Roads Act 1993 and other relevant legislation.

Permanent road closures may be requested by adjoining property owners for the purpose of acquiring the residue land. Road closures may also be proposed by Council as a means of managing traffic flow, improving local amenity or other such matters as deemed necessary by Council.

When a public road owned by Council is closed, the land will remain vested in the council as operational land for the purposes of the Local Government Act 1993. However, where a road that was never constructed or used by the public is closed the unformed road, upon closure, vests in the Crown.

Download: Read the full fact sheet, including estimated associated costs. 

B-Double Routes

All shire roads are B-double routes except town and village streets other than those shown on the maps.

Statewide maps showing heavy vehicle routes are found at NSW Heavy Vehicle Mapping

Heavy vehicle drivers can use the NHVR Journey Planner to find routes. Forms, access permits, and important links are available on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website. 

Roads Hierarchy

To reflect Council’s commitment to the ongoing construction and maintenance of its road network, a policy has been adopted to determine road hierarchies and match them with pre-determined levels of service to guide Council staff in developing future roadworks programs.

Council will work towards building and maintaining the road network to the appropriate levels of service as funds permit.