Stop Graffiti

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The NSW Government and Junee Shire Council have been working towards the removal of graffiti from public and private buildings. This Council has an active program, which is all about removing graffiti as soon as possible after it appears. The community is proud of the way the town looks.

The Council has an active youth program that discourages the perpetration of graffiti by channelling that energy into youth art projects. The Council has invested its time and resources in working with local young people in a positive way by engaging artists to work with younger people to produce some fine public art.

Most of the graffiti vandalism that occurs in Junee is linked to alcohol intoxicated behaviour. By reinforcing positive youth programs it reduces inappropriate behaviour manifesting in young adults.

The NSW Government certainly takes graffiti vandalism seriously, and has developed a website which provides a host of information in regard to the subject including:

  • positive art projects,
  • preventing graffiti,
  • removing graffiti, and
  • reporting graffiti.

The website is a one-stop shop for communities, schools, businesses and councils on how the community can stop graffiti vandalism. There are a number of fact sheets that are available on the website that help sectors of the community understand why graffiti actually occurs in the first place and the consequence of it on the broader community.

If you are a community member and have information that would assist the police in investigating graffiti vandalism, you should call 131 444, which is a dedicated hotline for the purposes of reporting such instances.

If you would like to learn more about how to stop graffiti vandalism, be sure to visit