Bushfire Action Guide

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In bushfires, radiant heat, dehydration and asphyxiation are the main killers. Well-prepared houses resist brief exposure to fire, protecting occupants who can then save their homes.

Before The Bushfire Season - Prevent/Prepare

Remove rubbish, leaf litter and native shrubs close to buildings.
Form a wide firebreak around your home, eg short, green grass

If A Bushfire Approaches - Leave Or Protect

Prepare as above, unless you have decided to leave early or are ordered to do so. Stay in the house after taking these precautions:

If Caught In A Fire, Driving - Shelter In Car

Don't drive into or near bushfires. If caught in a bushfire don't drive through flames or thick smoke
Stop in an area of low vegetation.

If Caught In Fire, On Foot - Seek Shelter

Don't panic - cover all exposed skin and hair. Move across-slope, away from the fire-front, then down-slope towards the rear of the main

Emergency Survival Requirements

If faced with the dangers of body dehydration, smoke inhalation and radiant heat from flames, emergency protection is possible, even in high-intensity fires.

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