If A Bushfire Approaches – Leave Or Protect

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Prepare as above, unless you have decided to leave early or are ordered to do so. Stay in the house after taking these precautions:

  • Phone 000 – don’t assume the fire service knows.
  • Turn off gas. Put door mats inside. Close vents, windows, doors, and block gaps from the inside with wet towels.
  • Fill baths, sinks, buckets and bins with reserve water.
  • Plug downpipes with rags and fill gutters with water.
  • Remove light or synthetic curtains, cross-tape windows and move furniture clear.
  • Wear long, woollen or heavy cotton clothing, solid boots or shoes, a hat or helmet, goggles, and gloves.
  • Hose down all walls, garden etc on sides facing the fire and watch for spot fires from flying sparks or embers.
  • As the main fire-front arrives, go inside with hoses, away from windows, while it passes (usually 5 to 15 minutes).
  • Quickly extinguish any fires which may have started in, near, or under the house or roof. Check inside roof too. And patrol all areas for at least the next hour
  • If the house is alight and can’t be extinguished, move to burnt ground. Don’t go – wait for help. Listen to battery radio for updates.