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Each home throughout the Junee township’s residential and rural-residential areas will have a bench top bin and set of biodegradable bags and a new lime-green lidded wheelie bin in February 2017.

There is no change to recycling and waste collections.

The following items ONLY are accepted as Green waste:

  1. Lawn Clippings
  2. Leaves
  3. Prunings
  4. Weeds (with excess soil shaken off)
  5. Fruit and vegetable scraps
  6. Meat scraps
  7. Newspapers and other biodegradable materials.


When will my bin be picked up? 

Green waste is collected on the alternative week to when your recycling goes out, so if your recycling goes out on a Wednesday, then green waste will be the following Wednesday.

Is the service opt out?

No. Operating an opt out service would be unviable both administratively and economically.

What can and cannot go in the bin?