What Happens to Your Waste?

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Your waste is collected in three different bins: a 120L red lid rubbish bin, a 240L green recycling bin and a 240L light green lid green waste bin.

Your rubbish is collected weekly on a Monday and taken to Gregadoo Waste Management Facility for disposal.

Recycling is collected fortnightly, with the town split into three different collection zones. Your bin is commingled which means that all recyclable material is placed into this bin and then taken to the Elouera Recycling Facility in Cootamundra for sorting, baling and transport.

The greenwaste collection is picked up on the alternate week to your recycling. This greenwaste is transported to the Junee Transfer Station where it is covered and turned regularly like a giant compost pile. Once it has broken down it will be used on Council’s gardens and sporting fields.