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Junee Shire Council is a dynamic and innovative local government organisation tackling significant issues at a social, economic and practical level on behalf of its residents.

Recent Local Government Reform process has seen Junee Shire retain its independence as a Council, maintaining full political and managerial independence over Council activities and ensuring long term job security for all employees.

Junee Shire Council is progressive and proactive. With approximately 70 employees, Junee Shire Council is proud to have an agile workforce dedicated to meeting the needs of the community. All employees share a singular pride in their organisation and their community and are encouraged to work collaboratively within teams, with sufficient autonomy to grow professionally and in the workplace.

Junee has a very real sense of pride, ownership and community. This stems from an active and involved council, and staff who strive to be at the top of their profession. As a first base for information, advice, direction on anything related to Junee you will find the knowledge and willingness to assist at Junee Shire Council.

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